DSP Tries It: Public Relations

DSP Tries It: Public Relations

A short montage of DSP’s failed PR, responses to the fans/public and other aspects. This video could of been way longer, but theres too much DSP fuck ups to document in one video. This video…

13 thoughts on “DSP Tries It: Public Relations

  1. I’ll give PewDiePie this, as much as I don’t like his videos, he at least has a good relation with his fans, unlike DSP who acts like a complete douche to his fans. Also, “Ask the King”, how narcissistic can this guy get?! 

  2. He changed people’s views on life? By making orgasm sounds while watching clementine in pain or complaining 24/7? This guy is about 10 feet up his own ass and he just keeps digging deeper 

  3. I agree with Phil, kids today shouldn’t come to an entertainment site like Youtube for entertainers. They should come to DSP and accept the “real” abuse he puts his fans through

  4. phil thinks he’s the little engine that could with all this “I own hate as a badge” but then takes hour an hour of his day complaining about haters and whining because he is loosing all his fans

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