Dubli Provides 5 Tips on How to Choose a Teleseminar Service for the MLM Program

(PRWEB) December 07, 2012

Before choosing a teleseminar service for the MLM opportunity, it is important to assess business needs to find a service that will help to achieve goals and objectives in an effective manner. If the goal is to offer a teleseminar to a highly targeted audience, here are a few tips on how to choose a teleseminar service that is right for the needed business model.

Decide on the Experience of Audience

Determining the experience of the audience using technology and teleseminar services in particular will help to decide whether a service that allows regulating the mute and volume controls from the participants end is needed. If an opt-in list has been built, the level of experience of the subscribers can be determined by distributing a questionnaire. This will avoid any hassles that can occur during the presentation as the result of user inexperience.

Bridge Line

The bridge line on a teleseminar service determines how many people can call in to participate in the presentation. To determine the type of bridge line will be needed, decide how many presenters as well as participants are going to be there, and then make sure the service offers a bridge line that can accommodate the needs. Choosing a service that cannot accommodate the needs, errors and interruptions during the MLM presentation (for example, Dubli) will appear.

Recording Services

If the plan is to offer the content in the teleseminar in the form of a CD that the participants can review later, finding a teleseminar service that offers recording services with controls that are easy to use is one of the ways. Also, the service should indicate when the session is being recorded. More often than not, people have completed teleseminars only to find out they were not recorded. If a person is investing the time to organize the presentation on the MLM program, there should be confidence that there is a way to verify it is being recorded.

Offering the Teleseminar on Your Website

If the plan is to offer the teleseminar on the MLM website like Dubli, a good way is to find a teleseminar service that allows easily embedding the teleseminar into that website. In addition to this service, some teleseminar service providers will archive MP3s for future use on the website. This is useful to the teleseminar subscribers who could not make the presentation or provides a way for the attendees to review again what they heard.

Try the Service

Finding someone who is offering a teleseminar and then attending the teleseminar can be rather useful. This can help to determine the quality of the service as well as the quality of the sound. Like anything else there are quality teleseminar providers and inferior ones. Investing the time to find a high quality service will help to maintain a professional image when delivering the MLM presentation. Additionally, this will ensure the audience is not distracted by poor sound quality and service.

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