DUI Attorneys in Long Beach Launch a New and Useful Video on YouTube for Their Clients Who Have Been Arrested for DUI

Long Beach, CA (PRWEB) April 26, 2013

Many people in Long Beach California are not aware of their rights regarding a DUI arrest. As a result, they have no idea how to proceed when their license is taken away. There are certain steps that should be taken after an arrest for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The renowned Long Beach DUI attorneys therefore decided to launch a helpful video for their clients. The video is helpful for either the individual arrested or friends and relatives of those who are looking on information on how to proceed after a DUI arrest. The video is quite useful in a sense that it effectively explains the concepts of the individuals legal rights related to a DUI arrest in a simple and easy to understand language. Being arrested for drunk driving in Long Beach is something that should not be taken lightly as it can seriously affect a persons life. First off, it has become a quite difficult task to acquire a drivers license in California. If you manage to pass the written assessment as well as the driving test, you are considered one of the lucky people who get permission to drive. But when an unfortunate event like arrest for DUI or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol occurs, thats a different story altogether. If arrested the individuals drivers license is confiscated at the time of the arrest, and in most cases it is suspended, or revoked for a certain time period. During this suspension period that person is not allowed to legally drive. To know more about the DUI defense team in Long Beach visit the firm directly here,

There are many people in Long Beach that have been recently been arrested for this type of offense. However, according to some of their statements they had no idea that the amount of alcohol in their blood exceeded the BAC or Blood Alcohol Content level. Sometimes the amount of alcohol consumed by individuals is above the legal limit and the person is unaware of it. It is also recommended not to drive when you are sick, taking drugs to cure a condition, or are in a habit of consuming alcohol on a regular basis. When a DUI arrest occurs most of individuals are unsure of how to proceed with the case. Individuals need to know there is only a short time in which a DMV hearing is to take place regarding that persons license. This important information, and many other types of legal questions can be answered if they get in touch with an experienced attorney in Long Beach. For this reason, the well-known DUI lawyers in Long Beach decided to compile a video for their clients who have been arrested for DUI. The video is made in a simple format on what could be expected after someone has been arrested for such an offense. By watching this video interested parties can learn about legal rights regarding court proceedings in order to get back ones drivers license, or file an appeal to shorten the duration of suspension. Moreover, individuals can learn about the different laws and rules governing various types of DUI arrests, and the rights of people who are under 21 years of age. The video specifically explains the situation in Long Beach, and is therefore perfect for the residents of this town. To learn more about the powerful new video uploaded by the criminal defense lawyers or to speak with a DUI attorney in Long Beach visit,

The Long Beach DUI lawyers utilize a professional SEO company in the industry to help assist in law firm marketing to promote the message about the importance of speaking with an experienced DUI attorney in Long Beach CA if someone has been arrested. The firm continues its online presence by offering free consultations and information on criminal defense on the firms blog and social media pages. The new video along with free consultations the firm hopes to attract more Los Angeles residents looking to speak to an attorney. To learn more about the law firm visit the company website or Facebook page.

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