Seo Reaches 700,000 Page Views from Online Marketers Learning How to Make Money Blogging

Paris, France (PRWEB) April 05, 2013 is pleased to announce that the online marketing education website has recently reached the milestone of 700,000 page views. Dukeo is a highly professional blog specializing in helping Affiliate Marketing entrepreneurs learn how to create a profitable online presence via extensive guides on how to start a blog, WordPress SEO, list building and free SEO tools.

While many budding online entrepreneurs struggle through trial and error to create a successful online profit-making model for affiliate marketing, has become the destination for detailed information on successfully accomplishing that goal. Their extensive guides are helping thousands learn to get traffic to their websites by starting a blog and accessing the best free SEO tools that help them successfully generate revenue online. The website recently celebrated the milestone of 700,000 page views from online entrepreneurs seeking the websites sound and proven methodology.

I launched on my 30th birthday as a free blog resource for online entrepreneurs to learn the methods that I have used to make a very comfortable living, said Founder Stephane Kerwer. My detailed guides and tools about making money online through affiliate marketing, proven WordPress SEO techniques and other methodologies have proven to work for thousands, which is why we continue to grow with new readers.

Kerwer, who has earned a monthly six-figure income online since late 2008 from a wide variety of sources, created the blog to explain his methods to others. The guides show entrepreneurs how to start a blog on WordPress that is designed for success from the ground up. They cover a wide variety of topics from domain names and webhosts, to traffic sources and beyond.

The blog also has many detailed guides and tools regarding WordPress SEO and how its correct use can generate loads of free organic traffic. Readers learn how WordPress SEO works, how to create and apply it to a WordPress platform website, and how it attracts organic interest from a target market that results in a high conversion rate.

Kerwers guides explain how the big money online is actually in the back-end with list building. The concept behind list building is to create a continually growing email list database that allows the online marketer to maximize profits by advertising to the same people over and over again. Every single big-time blogger and affiliate marketer will tell you the big money is in the recurring customers, and my guides show my successful list building process step by step, said Kerwer.

In addition, the website blog includes the most complete list of available SEO tools online. This resource provides all of the SEO tools that online affiliate marketers need to start and grow their online business. For more information, please visit


Dukeo is a highly professional blog specializing in helping people learn how to create a profitable online presence. Started by successful online affiliate marketer and online entrepreneur Stephane Kerwer, the blog post provides extensive guides about starting a blog, WordPress SEO, list building and free SEO tools. The blogs primary focus is helping others start a successful blog for profitable affiliate marketing.

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