Dumb SEO Questions 18

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 18 youtu.be – Blog syndication and linkbacks, youtu.be – Michael Martinez and AJ Kohn Authorship controversy, youtu.be – Michael Martinez and AJ Kohn Authorship controversy – followup clip, youtu.be – Internal links in Webmaster Tools and canonicalisation, youtu.be – SEO Tools and SEO success, youtu.be – Absolute links and SEO, youtu.be – Zebra Update, fact or fiction?, youtu.be – Backlink Analysis Tools, youtu.be – Keyword research, youtu.be – Rich snippets and click-through rates, youtu.be – Authorship photos, youtu.be – Reliable SEO advice, youtu.be – Google plus SEO Communities, youtu.be – Zebra Update, youtu.be – SEO client reports, youtu.be – Disavow links tool, youtu.be – Pingback Spam, youtu.be – Content marketing, youtu.be – Google+ in SERPS, youtu.be – Troubleshooting links, youtu.be – Geotargeting Keywords, youtu.be – Duplicate content. Watch the followon to this clip at www.youtube.com We covered all of this week’s SEO questions although near the end we were a little rushed. If we have not adequately responded to your question and you think we should have done better, please ask it again. There is a second clip DSQ18b. Here is an MP3 in case you’d like it for the journey home. dumbseoquestions.com (If you forget to download it and need to find it later, you can always find MP3’s on the Dumb SEO Questions site). dumbseoquestions.com
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