Dumb Yahoo Answers – CoD Demon Guns

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15 Responses to Dumb Yahoo Answers – CoD Demon Guns

  1. btyler411 says:

    When you do your voices you sound like Jenna marbles

  2. Marvelokw858 says:

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  3. kylelee1911 says:

    slenderman was way back in the 60s and was also a god way before that

  4. Yan Bacelar says:


  5. WildShellsunny says:

    The game is not recent. XD But yes, I had NO idea that Slenderman was one of the creepy pastas. I thought it was just a game series. (Sounds like I back up :3 I’m not trying to sound that way.) I’m looking forward to reading it!

  6. ni777ful says:

    Oh my God, you are a fucking idiot, where do you think the game, which is fairly recent, got the idea? creepy pasta (dot) com / slenderman /. No spaces.

  7. ni777ful says:

    Creepy pasta, it’s a bunch of made up stories, such add Jeff the killer, Jane the killer, slender man, smile.dog, squidward’s suicide, etc.

  8. michael nelson says:

    demon gun?!

  9. MyMeefify says:

    did i really see a Mitt Romney ad on dumb answers?!?!?!

  10. Infernape7890 says:

    Call of Duty Demon Guns is a creepypasta. The person got trolled.

  11. Tyler Hechl says:

    i think ur justified 2 cry if u drop the soap… no’m sayin?

  12. oblitirator25 says:

    Hey add me on ps3 @ redrex25 & prodigeeman. And do u have mw3 or mw2? @the person who made this video

  13. fearsomeman3 says:

    stfu newfag

  14. ilikepie2eat3 says:

    its called 4chan

  15. shooter2909Bloxxer says:

    2:44 Link please? XD

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