Dumb Yahoo Answers – DRUNK KIDS!!!

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24 Responses to Dumb Yahoo Answers – DRUNK KIDS!!!

  1. MinecraftAwesomeA says:

    Lol wut. That last question was reeeaallllyyyy messed up o.O

  2. imdynamite100 says:

    This explains alot about you

  3. Jorge Leon says:

    if you do a party, replace all the alchohol with apple juice to see if people get “drunk”

  4. tehmuffingamer says:

    Spray a whole can of axe all over yourself then light a match….(trollface)

  5. MyMeefify says:

    do the last one, i think she already is sleeping with the retarded person in town

  6. MyMeefify says:

    its way over

  7. marker8787 says:

    Were all still married to you, right? can we have intercourse? Don’t worry, I won’t drink your period blood!

  8. marker8787 says:

    Favorite YouTube show ever!

  9. lilbreezy84 says:

    Can’t figure out how to vote

  10. Brad patin says:

    Dear kpopp, black people do have an extra tenden in their ankles and retarded people arnt allowed to have sex

  11. Brad patin says:

    Dear kpopp,

  12. rocketduck44 says:

    I just started watching hese, an I fin them hilarious. How often does she upload them 😀 ?

  13. iw111efred says:

    Holy crap your voice is annoying

  14. TheWanskiz says:

    I thought you were a dude; the way you talk makes you sound like a dude, anyway like you vids subscribed!

  15. guillermo18614 says:

    i did the same thing how stupid can someone be

  16. Janaya Turner says:


  17. MrChappie1971 says:

    seriously? oh sorry.

  18. Janaya Turner says:

    Kid??? She’s like 23! And she is a “chick”

  19. D4haka97 says:

    or stick a rusty needle down there

  20. pinksugar55 says:

    When she was reading that last question, I literally facepalmed and sat in front of my computer like that for a minute or so. Just. Wow.

  21. YouMustBeStupid1337 says:

    It’s a girl………

  22. MrChappie1971 says:

    this kid sounds like a chick

  23. Nicofrenchninja says:

    house performed major surgery on himself successfully while being high as a kite. just sayin’

  24. brothurz123 says:

    Kpop, are you an adventurer like me? (skyrim arrow to the knee LOL)

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