Dumb Yahoo Answers – EXTRA DUMB Edition! (Black Ops 2 Gameplay)

Dumb Yahoo Answers - EXTRA DUMB Edition! (Black Ops 2 Gameplay)

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23 thoughts on “Dumb Yahoo Answers – EXTRA DUMB Edition! (Black Ops 2 Gameplay)

  1. The Lion King isn’t a true story but its based off of Hamlet which is a story about people so that’s probably where the person was confused or wondering because they had probably heard it somewhere

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  3. It’s a proven fact you can lose up to eleventeen brain cells by listening to too many dumb people. I was the test subject for this test but I can CLAIRLY say that I am SUPPER, SUPPER Smart I have not lost any brain SELLS during the testing… for shore.

  4. Who else put on epic music on this episode? o.O I was playing Song of storms dubstep remix and it went crazy and went quiet and exactly the right moments. O_O

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