Dumb Yahoo Answers – FAPPIN’ ON FISH

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13 Responses to Dumb Yahoo Answers – FAPPIN’ ON FISH

  1. jlegend42 says:

    wow just wow that end question… i really REALLY hope that was a troll…

  2. enderborn29 says:

    Well tell her i play it and im violent because i have anger problens sp tell here like the cake god is a lie

  3. l4d2man2000 says:

    That kid might need to bring in far cry 3, see how the mom likes it.

  4. tehmuffingamer says:

    I “accidentally” killed mynabours cat how do i hide it

  5. tehmuffingamer says:

    Ur screwed

  6. marker8787 says:

    I was playing football with my friends when I got tackled, and felt blood near my penis area. I excused myself, saying I had to go to the bathroom and ran into the woods. I inspected my pubic area and saw that my getical sack was ripped! what do I do! I don’t want to tell my parents! can it be fixed with tape, or a sewing needle?

  7. Fabio Flinestone says:

    So, if you’d have a baby that has both genitles and the doctors say u can pick the gender, wouldn;t u really not pick the gender? cuz if really females has boobs, so u basically cant cpick the gender, unless they have a sex change

  8. MegaChuckGreene says:

    the pokemon question is like peta all over again!

  9. Thegamerguy101 says:

    I love how you didn’t even deem to give the last question an answer. 😀

  10. wweINFORMATIVE says:

    To add on. She bans pokemon, I wonder how she would feel about any game in particular. She would probably ban him from watching tv and listening to music cuz apparently everything that’s not in the bible is satanic. I really feel sorry for that kid. She even said that EVERYONE who plays Pokemon is a devil worshipping power minded psycho. I wonder how she typed that question up cuz computers aren’t in the bible. *sigh* carry on I’m just mad right now lol

  11. wweINFORMATIVE says:

    Ok for one. IT’S A GAME!!!! Pokemon is not Satans doing. I’m a Christian and I played Pokemon. I did not in anyway turn into a devil worshipping “hitler” as she (the mom) kind of said. I can’t believe how ignorant people are.

  12. guillermo18614 says:

    i facepalmed when i heard the last question

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