Dumb Yahoo Answers – Farting Genitals?

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16 Responses to Dumb Yahoo Answers – Farting Genitals?

  1. dealincat933 says:

    But he’s a cool kid so it’s alright.

  2. ostrich cowboy says:

    i feel like the movie would e a porno but its pg13

  3. bacon penguintacoman says:

    Guys Please Like This Comment So She Can See It, A Dumb Yahoo Question Is” How Can I Grow A Condom I’m 13 And I Think I Am Old Enough To Know Please Tell Me

  4. WHITEGOAT69 says:

    eating yourself is like dividing by zero..

  5. lildude005 says:

    Wow. You deserve way more fame Kpopp :DD

  6. 1337coolkid says:

    ha ha very funny

  7. 1337coolkid says:

    ha ha very funny

  8. red2222222222a1 says:


  9. 1337coolkid says:

    whoa watch we got a old meme user

  10. Erick Ortiz says:

    oh your so cool correcting someone on youtube how cute get a life you freeloader!

  11. Erick Ortiz says:


  12. red2222222222a1 says:

    wow watch out we got a badass over here

  13. 1337coolkid says:

    atleast i dont use mom jokes

  14. 1337coolkid says:

    yea and????

  15. mikefromladnerbc says:

    ur name is “1337coolkid” ur cool kid

  16. DaUtubaA says:

    Funny thing is you got trolled in two ways: 1) He stole your comment 2) He got top comment for it.

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