Dumb Yahoo Answers – Pee on Zits!

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18 Responses to Dumb Yahoo Answers – Pee on Zits!

  1. bob jones says:

    is kpopp an atheist??? 

  2. darkangel6986 says:

    I’d tell myself all the answers to a test that I would be doing at the moment.

  3. Eminem19866 says:

    ri would kill the 13yr old version ofme it wouldnt repeat den

  4. shannonbriggs100 says:

    Tell my self not to be a whiny bitch and be more happy.

  5. theaaherzthatsucks says:

    I really thought she said “sniff boobs”. Lmao whoops.

  6. TheRowdypup says:

    lottery numbers for 13 lottery’s 

  7. papergollum says:

    Fuck bitches get money

  8. HarbleSnarf says:

    i would tell my self to cut my fucking hair.

  9. startrekhater48 says:

    3:10 till 3:53 i thought a blond got out of the kitchen and went on yahoo answers

  10. XtremeSpartin says:

    The one about drinking your own piss is how bear grylls was born

  11. enderborn29 says:

    Riliges is bullshit

  12. EpicLemonAndCheese says:

    The one at 3:20 is a troll, I’ve seen it before. Then being the first time I’ve seen it, I facepalmed pretty hard.

  13. fofogogobobo says:

    idiot, thats the people in the lobby

  14. FAILure51 says:

    Whiteboy AND Kpopp in one match: Total mindfuck.

  15. MrDrizzyKing31 says:

    I hear ya man, the other day I was sitting there and thinking why didn’t I have that many girlfriends when I was younger. I remembered I was a pussy.

  16. AtlantaFalconsFan21 says:


  17. angel grande says:

    I would tell my 13 year old self to stop being such a pussy and I would tell my 14 year old self to stop being clueless and to stop friendzoning girls that want your dick

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