Dumb Yahoo Answers – Ping Pong Va jay jay?

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16 Responses to Dumb Yahoo Answers – Ping Pong Va jay jay?

  1. 503nicknack says:

    You sound like Jenna Marbles


    kool radio voice Kell

  3. michaelyoung2009my says:

    I shoot marbles outta my pecker

  4. Serrydaarie says:

    It’s weird but i do want to see it

  5. IEatNoobzCA says:

    did she offer to do the pong ball trick? id love to see it

  6. enderborn29 says:

    But then she will us bananas

  7. jake101CCR says:

    ok i gotta tell my friends about your channel] .

  8. cdott20 says:

    I might not, but im a little curious

  9. imdynamite100 says:

    If I had a nickel every time someone’s gotten glitter there….. I would be rich -.-

  10. MrCheesepuffboy81 says:


  11. xKIWIxCOBRAx says:

    Put the end of the vacuum up there and then hope for the best

  12. Michael Mikhail says:

    I agree with the kpop the ping pong vagina thing is not attractive

  13. lockedheartonmusic says:

    you seem like to have a singing voice your voice is lovely try singing ^.^ lol make a video lol

  14. UndergroundMuzikMan says:

    i said you like incest. I never said you were incest

  15. TheCockEater69 says:


  16. UndergroundMuzikMan says:

    i never said you were either of those. read the comment again

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