Dumb Yahoo Answers – Sexy Grandma!

Dumb Yahoo Answers - Sexy Grandma!

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21 Responses to Dumb Yahoo Answers – Sexy Grandma!

  1. TheWalkingGamer11 says:

    she was talking about the ninja, look who she killed at 5:10

  2. tjruler102 says:

    probably cause obtaining it would very slow and i dont think mean people would volunteer for it

  3. antitroller123 says:

    Oh my god, why has nobody used this for chemical warfare yet ?

  4. tjruler102 says:

    the covering its

  5. Shawn Bethea says:

    apparently corn is stronger than a steel beam


    im a man tart

  7. WILDman5X says:

    Kelly was playing with alex lol

  8. pjy3k says:

    I found a yahoo answer saying ” are Kpopp and whiteboy the same people”

  9. ilikepie2eat3 says:

    i love you too kelly!!!!!!

  10. shooter2909Bloxxer says:

    Obviously, you’re not a rocket scientist either.

  11. camokiller24 says:

    You want a ninja husband marry whiteboy

  12. WeAllStrikePanic says:

    she did better than whiteboy

  13. tjruler102 says:

    haha i know i am, idk about you

  14. MrASSAULTGAMES says:

    3:27 Goat has been spotted.

  15. IHACK249 says:

    The sun will suck u in

  16. spycrabify says:

    So, im an alien????

  17. MrKoperius says:

    “how do i conveince kpopp to had me on psn?” look it up girl, it’ll help you sleep :)

  18. beefyMUNKAY44 says:

    I too have hard nipples no joke they are like pointed and hard I bet they could cut through glass

  19. Crawfishness says:

    The acid would kinda fall out of you before it could get every single bone…

  20. Sam Phillips says:

    Kelly I would like to let you know that if it wasnt for the protective coating inside your stomach your stomach acid would burn you from your inside out! Bones and all

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