E-Commerce in China: What you need to know to successfully market to China on the web

E-Commerce in China: What you need to know to successfully market to China on the web
Event on 2014-12-04 09:00:00

The Chinese e-Commerce market is the largest in the World and predicted to grow exponentially in the coming years.

The digital landscape in China is very different to the West and understanding how to tap into this ever-growing market is now a necessity for Western Brands and businesses alike.

This training session will help you understand the market in China and what are the steps involved to tap into this market.

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Cyril Drouin: BysoftChina Founder & CEO – Senior e-Commerce Consultant 

Over 15 years of consulting experience dedicated to e-Commerce and internet in China and in Europe. 

Working with brands in China on e-Commerce Strategy / e-Commerce Platform Building (website & marketplace) / e-Commerce Operations setup / Digital Marketing (SEO/SEM/ Social networks/Word of mouth) / Mobile.

Training Goals

This 1 day training session will help you understand the following:

• Key Digital Channels – What are the key digital channels in China?

• Consumer Behavior – What is a typical Chinese Internet user’s behavior when buying online?

• Local Strategy – Why your digital strategy has to be localised for China

• Budgeting for this market – What are the key considerations?

• Logistics – How to manage online operations in China.

Who should attend?

This training session is designed for Brands, Retailers, B2B businesses and anyone interested in understanding how to reach the largest online audience in the World.

Training Agenda

Market Insight:

• Key trends/ Market Size & Growth potential

• Understanding the consumer

• Spotlight on the mobile market in China

Digital Landscape:

• Who are the main players online?

• Baidu : The leading search engine in China

• Social networks are very important in China

• Weibo & Wechat focus

• Payment Methods in China

• Mobile Shopping


• The importance of e-Marketplaces in China’s e-Commerce scene

• Tmall/Taobao Focus

• Merchandising & Advertising on e-Marketplaces


• Omnichanel in China – Times are changing

• Users Scenarios of the China Omnichannel

• How should retailers deal with Omnichannel in China?

Digital Marketing in China:

• What is the key for a successful internet strategy in China?

• SEO & Content Marketing in China

• SEM & Online Advertising in China

• Social Marketing

• Direct & Email Marketing

e-Commerce Platforms in China:

• Which technology fits which needs in China

• E-Commerce platforms in China

• Hosting options

• Step by step : How do I build my e-Commerce website?

• IT & 3rd party system integration (ERP, CRM)

• E-Commerce operations

• e-Commerce Strategy & Case Studies


• Budget planning

• A typical business plan for e-Commerce

A practical example: “My pants company would like to sell online in China"

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