E-HAWK Releases Vetting API Connector to Score CRM Leads and Cases

Saratoga Springs, NY (PRWEB) January 20, 2014

E-HAWK (http://www.e-hawk.net) today released the Vetting API Connector linking lead and case screening to CRM services such as Salesforce, SugarCRM, Saleslogix, Oracle, and Zoho.

The Connector quickly integrates into any web-to-lead or online support form. When a person clicks submit on the form, the Connector vets the information, calculates a Risk Score and Risk Type, and then automatically passes the user data plus the risk information onto the CRM system.

Within the CRM system, clients can build rules that automatically move high risk leads into a Bad Actors Queue and assign good leads to the best sales people. Automating vetting streamlines the lead process by quickly weeding out bogus web leads.

The E-HAWK vetting engine analyzes user data by running risk tests on IP, email, phone, location, domain, activity, geo-location, device, and community, and returns a Risk Score and Risk Type from Lowest Risk to Very High Risk.

Based on risk levels, a company can take action including: setting account access limits, enabling or disabling features, tagging in CRM and assigning for follow-up, and responding with customized content.

The service not only helps block fraud, bots, and spam users, but also streamlines the customer interaction process, said Peter Cholnoky, E-HAWK CEO. This leads to improved sales and better customer support.

Industry experts estimate there are tens of millions of fake accounts across services such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Gmail, and Yahoo. E-HAWK vetting can help identify these bad actors and keep sales and support focused on helping real prospects.

The Connector and up to thirty vets per month are free and install in under fifteen minutes. Create a free account and read detailed Salesforce integration at blog.e-hawk.net.

About E-HAWK

E-HAWK provides an online vetting service designed to stop fraudulent sign-ups and registrations. The company has processed over four million sign-ups and identified over 400,000 high-risk users. The technology integrates into any online form and runs over two hundred tests on IP, email, phone, location, domain, activity, geo-location, and device. In addition, submitted bad actor data from our customers is pooled and used anonymously in community testing to stop repeat cyber criminals from inflicting damage on multiple accounts.

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