Ealing Property Network with Julie Hogbin and Paul Higgs

Ealing Property Network with Julie Hogbin and Paul Higgs
Event on 2015-04-09 19:00:00


Guest Speakers include Julie Hogbin and Paul Higgs.

Paul Higgs – How to make massive profits from identifying sites with development potential?


Land, Planning and Property Development expert with 30 years’ experience in the sector, a soon to be published author and a successful entrepreneur (still, after coming-back from a severe RBS kicking in 2008!). Throughout his career Paul has purchased, gained planning permission for and built over 6,000 residential units and 2,500,000 sq/ft of commercial space.

Eleven years ago he formed what is now a multi-million pound property development company, Millbank Group, which just won The Evening Standard New Homes Award 2013 for ‘Best Apartment’.


Paul's short biography:

Millbank Land Ltd (part of Millbank Group) 2003-Present date (11 years, 5 months)

Head of Land-Barratt Developments plc 1999-2003 (4 years, 9 months)

Senior Land Manager-Laing Homes 1994-1999 (5 years)

During the evening Paul will be covering some of the areas below ;-

How ANYONE can make money from sourcing LAND

How to find and create the BEST off market opportunities



The Planning Overview

The different types of potential sites

On market and Off Market

Minimum Investment – Maximum Potential Reward Stategies

Julie Hogbin will be presenting on Goal Setting.

Who am I? I sometimes ask myself that question and what do I share from a life that has covered a few decades! & various careers!

So a pot shot: The last two decades I have worked with Leadership and Management teams in the Public and Private sectors & more recently with Entrepreneurs building their own business & consistently with people who want to change their lives. I was awarded a prize by the last Partnership I worked with for being Inspirational and a role model – a brilliant moment for my memories & a complete surprise.

In July 2011 I made the decision to do something different and being one who enjoys change & had a credit card! I set of on a journey which has included Forex Trading, Internet Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing finally resting with Property Investing which compliments my professional Mentoring, Coaching & Training to create my own Financial Freedom, my pension wasn’t enough by any stretch & I am not ‘there’ yet but closer to it.

The Property journey to date has been exciting and rewarding resulting in me publishing an article in YPN, running a Property Meet, appearing on SKY, speaking from stage, being part of a Crowdfunding bid plus lots more including writing a book (in the process) & setting up a Business Talks & Workshops Meet in London & an online Property Education Business – sounds unbelievable when I write it down & I am just normal I left the education system with no qualifications – not one!

Property wise, I love it & launched myself into HMOs, Lease Options & Refurbs to Flip with a JV partner – so not the easiest or preferred route by the old school, so I was told, but it cash flows nicely. I am now anything HMO including managing for others, R2R & am looking for my next something which will probably be a development.

My true belief is that “In the day of ‘now’ those who think that the skills of ‘yesteryear’ will suffice will find out differently” all of us, including me, need to continuously develop to keep up in a fast changing world or we will fade by the wayside. It has never been so important to change and adopt new ways of, not only working but thinking and behaving as well.


Reviews about the Group:

" Great evening "

— Mike Sleeman on Nov 14, 2014.

" excellent event connecting with like minded people "

— bindar dosanjh on Jul 8, 2014.

" Informative and good networking too. "

— Prasanna Perera on Jun 10, 2014. 



7-7.15- Registration and Networking

7.15-7.30- Mortgage Update

7.30-8.00- Julie Hogbin presents

8.00-8.05- 30 second shout out

8.05-8.20- Networking Break

8.20- Paul Higgs presents

9.15- Informal Networking

at The Grange
Warwick Road
Ealing, United Kingdom

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