Ebay and Amazon haul :) (phone Cases)

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18 Responses to Ebay and Amazon haul :) (phone Cases)

  1. Kim Skull says:

    NO FAIR! I am so jealous

  2. jessicadawnjones says:

    Pleaseee do another eBay and amazon haul (phone cases)

  3. Rachel Ryno says:

    Talia your amazing!!!!! <3

  4. TheSpeeze1 says:

    But I heard u live in Orlando if its true I >3 Orlando been there 9 times lol

  5. TheSpeeze1 says:

    How old is she I’m probd the same age and I’m not allowed those pricings

  6. sarah fraley says:

    I love them

  7. jess3336677 says:

    it sounded condescending not saying that was your intention.

  8. littlemissscenexD says:

    1. You got.. A phone.. to plug into your iPhone..? xDD I think I laughed to hard at that.. 2. You’re freaking adorable. Like. I wish I could hug you. And that sounds creepy. especially with my weird profile pic.. (I’m somewhat normal) 3. Your nails are perfect. 4. Your voice is perfect. 5. Your face is perfect. Kay, bye<3

  9. spacemonkeyzrock says:

    6:25 oh my gosh she’s probably like the only person that can look ADORABLE and make that face. haha

  10. mirandabieberr says:


  11. 411cupcake says:

    this made me smile! love you talia!

  12. Mia Bertani says:

    Do you like 1D

  13. PurplePrincess5244 says:

    BRO>>>WATCH MY VIDS!!!! -Alondra C. (PurplePrincess5244)

  14. Teresita Solano says:

    Love u talia sweetie !! It feels bad to be in the hospital

  15. Josh Day says:

    hey how may days can you get it? please tell me

  16. 1dluvrgurl says:

    Seriously? Ur camera died? Ugh!

  17. tedandpaulsshow says:

    Lol a tape recorder

  18. KtnCrafts says:

    I love it!!

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