ebay bug? anyone else? :(

ebay bug? anyone else? :(

Image by Suedehead
I recently started getting this message.
I bought a few items and when I try to pay, ebay won’t let me because it demands I change my verified by Paypal shipping address. It’s absurd!
I tried putting a USA shipping address, just out of curiosity, and.. guess what.. it works.. it moves to the next step (sign in to Paypal).
So I already contacted ebay and the sellers (one in Thailand, the other one from Taiwan) to let them know I want to pay but I can’t.
And ebay says to wait 72 hours for a reply.
I feel lonely.
Anyone else (outside the US) has this problem?
*Update* Mystery solved … on my own! not thanks to ebay! >:(

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7 Responses to ebay bug? anyone else? :(

  1. Lavi+ says:

    uy! nunca me pasó! espero que se solucione pronto!!

  2. jillybug ~ says:

    I think it’s a browser issue. I had this message using another browser, and then went to Firefox and it worked just fine 😉

  3. Suedehead says:

    a mí tampoco :( gracias.. espero que sí. Thank you Jill! I use Firefox.. I tried now with explorer and Chrome.. but I still get the same message :( I hope ebay contacts me soon… I am concerned about my won items.. I don’t want to lose them! (I got a couple of good deals.. lol)

  4. Suedehead says:

    So 24 hours after contacting ebay and not hearing back from them I get impatient and start trying to fix the problem myself. I tried with different browsers, nothing. Tried with a different internet connection, still nothing. Bored, I tried with my shipping address in Peru.. and it worked!!! What!? That’s when I lost my cool. Why would ebay let me ship to the USA, Peru or Neverland.. and not my own current verifieeeed! (pulls hairs) address??? *lightbulb* I noticed I had my phone number under my shipping address in Peru. So, I decided to edit my Argentinean address and add a phone number.. Tah-Dah! I am allowed to pay! Would it kill ebay to notify me I needed to update my shipping address to include a phone number or I won’t be able to pay for my purchases? when did they decide this? I paid for my won items until recently without any issues.. I gotta go take some Nervocalm and lie down for a while. humph!

  5. ♥Belula♥ says:

    ohhhhhhhhhhhh…que penita..espero se solucione rapido!!!!

  6. Pammy's Blythes Away says:

    I hope things get worked out soon. Now Azul is going to have to take care of you and Frida. :(

  7. Suedehead says:

    gracias, Belu :) Ya descubrí el truco. Parece que ahora ebay quiere que incluyamos el numero de telefono en nuestra direccion de envio. Por que? quien sabe. Hace poco compre cositas y pague normal, con mi direccion de shipping sin # de telef.. asi que esto es nuevo. Ojala hubieran avisado… asi me ahorraba un dolor de cabeza! Thank you! I figured out what the problem was, apparently now all shipping address outside the US must include the phone number.. Azul is such a nice dolly.. :)

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