Ebay Emails

Ebay Emails

Image by Julia Roy
I have been getting emails from ebay since i put in a bid for a few products. I get emails that say I lost the bid and I get emails that say "Congratulations you have 5 feedback comments strong on ebay!" "Now is need to click ‘Go To eBay’ to accept a 5 feedback from ebay member." I click on the link and my browser warns me?! The email is from aw-support@ebay.com. Is this really a scam?! The email looks so real?!?!

5 thoughts on “Ebay Emails

  1. If it doesn’t say ebay.com in the url, RUN! Also, you must really like "Baby Gives the Evil Eye" to give it a permanent spot on your toolbar. ;-P Come to think of it, it has been a while since I watched it…

  2. Just type in ‘ebay.com’ in your browser address bar, log in normally, and if it’s a legitimate message from them, it will be in your messages under MyEBay. Spoofing the headers is easy, and it may look like it’s taking you to ebay, but likely you’re being redirected. (I note that in the address bar of your screen shot it has an IP address – ebay never uses an IP address.)

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