Ebay Explained 2006 (KLCC)

Ebay Explained 2006 (KLCC)

Image by liewcf
The Ebay logo during Ebay Explained 2006 at KLCC, Malaysia. [Read more]

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7 Responses to Ebay Explained 2006 (KLCC)

  1. Exif says:

    K750i surely takes good picture too. Amazing.

  2. liewcf says:

    It is a 2 MegaPixel pic

  3. freizeitforum-aachen.de says:

    Danke für dieses Bild sagt: Aachen-United

  4. anticharisma1 says:

    ebay is evil http://www.anticharisma.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=4

  5. blogaboutjapan says:

    I added this photo to familymoneysavings.com/get-more-bang-for-your-bucks-on-ebay/. Please check if the way I published it is the correct one :) Goodbye

  6. fluffystuff09 says:

    Cooooooool! lol

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