eBay Feedback/Ratings

eBay Feedback/Ratings

Image by Chris Fritz
I really like how eBay’s feedback is now. I remember when I first couldn’t rate shipping charges for an item with free shipping. I felt that that was a good idea.

Now it looks like I cannot rate communication with a seller I did not communicate with. This is a good change, as I always felt it was wrong of me to rate communication when I had no communication. (I would always put this as five stars when there was no communication.)

The shipping speed one being disabled is interesting to me. The "Why can’t I enter this rating?" says: "Meeting or exceeding our shipping requirements automatically gives the seller a five-star rating." I don’t know what their shipping requirements are, but the package arrived quickly, meaning it must have been shipped quickly. If I were able to fill this out, it would definitely be five stars.

All in all, I like this change. The more I skip things I can’t rightly fill out, the better I feel when leaving the feedback/rating.

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