eBay for Beginners – Inventory

Showing you a couple of days worth of sales on eBay, exact items, where they were purchased, and profit. eBay as a business is about consistency and volume, …
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7 thoughts on “eBay for Beginners – Inventory

  1. HI, Thank you for the videos. In the inventory, do you download from ebay (if so how?) or do you manually input in the spreadsheet? I’m a small seller and want to keep track of cost and fees but don’t know if there is a way to download from ebay or not? How do you keep track of them?

  2. SnapLister.co will change your life selling on Ebay. It generates all your titles, descriptions, design layout, images, and allows for an instant injection of a video . It just went Beta for public use a few days ago and it all can be done from your phone in seconds.

  3. Hi, do you always start your auction bids a .099 cents? What if your time is almost up and you have 1 bidder who puts in 1.00? So at the end of the auction if no one else bids you basically lost the money you wanted for that item? Plus shipping cost? I noticed that you cant revise item once someone has put a bid in?

  4. Some guy on eBay found a diamond engagement ring theres 3 days left and i realllllly want it can yall tell me if its REALL cause its Crazy cheap!!!!! and i wanna sell it for the new iPhone!!!! -> tinyurl,com/8exoohe

  5. Thank you, I’m a student without a job sadly I lost 5 jobs with in 5 years( one each years) because the floral business went down badly on sells that they have to close down. So now I’m looking for ways to sell some of my art work and other things on eBay.

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