eBay MoneyMakers: Sibbersens find financial comfort through extra eBay income

eBay MoneyMakers profiles real families who use eBay to help generate extra income — for a variety of reasons. Their stories, straight from the families themselves, show how they were able to make real money online, in a legitimate setting that brought additional income to their families. Mark and Windy Sibbersen have used eBay since they first got married, to supplement their one-income family so that Windy could stay home with the kids. They began exploring items they could sell on eBay, including golf clubs Mark was no longer using, as well as buying discounted items to resell online. The Sibbersens use the mobile app with their smartphones and tablet to price, list and track items they sell on eBay. Due to the additional financial resources, the Sibbersen family has been able to take family trips and purchase extras, such as baseball equipment for their son. eBay MoneyMakers chronicles the circumstances that compelled these families to sell on eBay for sole or supplemental income and the tips and techniques that contributed to their success. Take a look at all of the great stories in the eBay MoneyMakers series. Learn how you can use eBay to drive extra income and have some fun in the process: www.ebay.com/startselling.
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