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Is it a clarinet? Umm nope more Magazines.

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  1. Sent an engine for 1,400.00 to AZ. Sent also a free intake manifold I threw in for customer as a freebie. Intake manifold had a broken sensor. Customer made claim for “Item not received as described”. I sent all proof to Paypal and AMXpress. They tell me it’s under review. It’s been since Feb 2012. Don’t have my money and don’t have my engine. Closing paypal and ebay accounts.

  2. Haha! Send in the police!…..Wha…..Dafaq is this? That cop looks like he should have been retired years ago. You sure they didn’t scam you with a fake police officer neither? LOL! Cop doesn’t even look like he knows wtf he’s doing just sitting there probably day dreaming of donuts.

  3. Ebay is making changes to combat “stealth” users because 1, they want to know you, 2, they want hard copy data of who you are (illegal) 3, they shut your listings down without telling you why and then try and get you to submit docs through a fake “appeal” process which leaves the seller at a dead end and shut down. This is why we use stealth now to sell.

  4. Well that is kind of hard to prove isn’t it? They made a change on communication just recently where the buyer must now communicate to the seller within the resolution center of ebay any issues they have about an item or return. That was a win for me, however i promote the use of stealth seller accounts because once you have been kicked off ebay for any reason (even if it’s for no reason) you can never get back. Ebay is trying to fight against this because they want to know everyone.

  5. Please watch my videos, and make your own. If you agree or disagree about what I say in my videos, don’t call me a troll, make your own video and accountable for what you type.

  6. Ebay will then deny the account and keep it closed anyway based on some risk percentage or violation they claim on the seller that they will not disclose to the seller. This practice of gathering information just to keep an account shut down is what I fight for. Many other policies at ebay are questionable as well but that is the main one. How would you feel if your product supplier got stolen from ebay, and you found ebay selling your stuff???? Ebay is corrupt and I am fighting for the sellers.

  7. Ask the many small sellers out there how they feel when they get kicked off ebay simply for listing an item that is high risk in Ebay’s opinion. Many cases items like a pair of sunglasses that have a logo on them. Ebay’s motive is to shut down that listing and demand that the seller fax in supplier information along with photocopies of ID’s bank statements, SSN, and utility bills to prove who they are. This practice itself is unneeded or unwarranted and breaches privacy between ebay and the slr.

  8. those are videos that deal with buyer’s getting scammed by Top Rated sellers, my videos have to do with Small sellers getting kicked from ebay simply for having information on their account that doesn’t agree with their Automatic Nexus Lexus checks. If you do not know what Nexus Lexus is, then I suggest you educate yourself on it. I never said there were no ebay videos, I said there was nobody like me making videos that address the major concerns for new small sellers. I support stealth sellers.

  9. yeah I’m a troll, I don’t think so look at my videos I told you, go to “ebayisajoke” I’ve been on youtube for over a year now, I’m the only one on youtube making videos about ebay. And I have emails from the Pres office of ebay to prove it. Simply watch this video of me talking about how they revoked my attendance at ebay live in philly, watch?v=oIgnbhvegrU I show you the copy of the email sent to me from ebay’s president’s office.

  10. The president’s offices have emailed you? You’re a joke and more likely, a troll. They banned you from Ebay conferences? I doubt it. And you’re the only one on youtube that causes Ebay to change? How come no one has ever heard of you? How come no one has ever heard of your great changes? You got me for a bit. 4/10 troll.

  11. Ebay has banned me from their conferences (ebay on location) they don’t me showing up to them, they personally email me themselves. I am not just another video on youtube. I produce hundreds of videos on ebay look at my other channel “ebayisajoke” I am the only one I youtube that is causing ebay to make changes as we speak. I am not just some idiot talking about deadbeat buyers, I talk about everything and ebay doesn’t like it. I’ve gotten emails from the Presidents office have you???

  12. Also Guy Fawkes was also a badass, he killed people and blew things up to make his point. I am making my point with videos on youtube. When your account is booted off ebay you’ll be running to me asking me how.

  13. I’m fighting for the corruption of ebay, the government protects GOP (Rich) and big spending while the little people (middle class) at the bottom hurt. Same as ebay, ebay protects TRS’s and allows them to under perform whereas the small sellers get kicked off ebay for performing and they do nothing wrong. I am fighting for those sellers that attempt to try and make a business at ebay, invest in time and product just to turn around and get booted for no reason. I choose the mask for a reason.

  14. Yes, because you in a mask in a video shows that you’re an internet badass and that no one is going to mess with you. And the Guy Fawkes masks represents Guy Fawkes who was fighting against the corruption of the government. I don’t need to make a video with me wearing a mask to show Ebay to change it’s policies. Also, your video won’t do a single thing. There’s hundreds of videos complaining about Ebay and Paypal, yet nothing has changed. Every site gathers information on people now.

  15. Boy your dumb. V is known by all to be “for the free people” The mask along with my videos shows I am for the people (or small sellers) that get booted off ebay. I am trying to get ebay to change it’s termination policy on sellers and to change how they gather information on people which is all illegal and against our civil rights as free people. How about we just make a mask of your face and plaster it all over the net? so until you do a single video with your face in it shut your mouth.

  16. It’s for Ebay so they know that the package was indeed fraudulent. PS: Why would a cop spend time for that? Cops are less busy than FBI. P.S: Your “V for Vendetta” mask makes you seem stupid when you’re saying to ‘investigate by someone in the FBI.”

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