eBay scam

eBay scam

Image by NectarineFire
Once you click on the "Report Item" link, these are the options to choose. The item numbers will be entered automatically by eBay based on which listing you reported, and rather than get the item number of every other auction, I thought it would simply be easier to type in the line showing in the photo.

All the evidence seems to suggest that something shady is going on in this seller’s listings. They all start out at .99 to generate bidding interest, but it seems the seller has another eBay account, o***t(1) with the following 30-day bid history:
Total bids: 403
Items bid on: 139
Bid activity (%) with this seller: 100%

It seems this is evidence of shill bidding, which means using other accounts to jack up the bidding price. When o***t(1) ends up winning these auctions, it exposes the second highest bidder’s highest bid, and once the auction ends the seller might offer the 2nd highest bidder a "Second Chance" purchase option, claiming that the highest bidder is no longer a registered user or otherwise failed to honor their winning bid.

(note: the tags entered are the names of some of the Pullips that had been in this seller’s listings)

3 thoughts on “eBay scam

  1. Oh.. This happens ALL THE TIME -__- I wanted to bid on a My Melody doll, and some other account kept trying to raise the price -__- I’m pretty sure it was the seller cuz’ no one can bid that fast. Thank you for doing this ^__^ I’m going to go report him! ^_^

  2. Hi MitchieP, I think what you’re describing is something else called "automatic bids". It may seem as if someone is quickly bidding one tiny increment above your bid whenever you raise your bid but that’s not what’s happening. What you’re describing is something called automatic bids and you can read about it in more detail on eBay’s help pages. The fishy thing about this eBay seller’s auctions is that many items don’t have actual photos of the dolls being listed. The seller is only providing stock photos. Also, many auctions are duplicates of older auctions where even the photo of the item that was supposedly auctioned off weeks ago is suddenly listed again, same photo and all. Finally, every single one of this seller’s auctions are won by a bidder called o***t(1)…

  3. I noticed the same exact thing on ebay! I think I know the seller you are talking about…she starts every doll at 99 cents or something, but uses another account to bid it up. This is really shallow and a poor decision on her part. D:

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