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63, Noida (UP) INDIA, US Off. 3525 Normandy Ave, Dallas, Texas, USA (PRWEB) January 17, 2012 — EBriks InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. (http://www.ebriks.com), a leading, young and competitive IT company, entered into the world of Internet Marketing with the new approach, AIDAS and the aim to offer quality services in various IT fields, such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Pay Per Click (Paid Advertising) Management, Measurement & Tracking, User and Search Engine friendly Website Design, Highly optimized E-commerce System Development and Web Hosting. The company supports its customers in gaining online presence that further helps them in laying firm foundation in the growing Digital world.

The company follows AIDAS approach, which is believed to be helpful in attracting customers, using the proper methodology. The AIDAS stands for AWARENESS, INTEREST, DESIRE, ACTION, and SATISFACTION.

This approach has been useful in different ways to most of the companies or its customers. Understand both the need of business and potential customers, EBriks InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. brings out an AWARENESS of products and services in their deliverables, which helps companies, attract customers attention via different marketing practices such as SEO, SMO, PPC, etc.

The company believes instead of showing features only, which is a traditional approach, developing user-friendly website and web applications, demonstrating a products benefits and illuminating advantages of service deliverables will bring forth users interest.

The spell continues when this interest is converted into desire to buy as the approach followed convinces customers that their needs cannot be quenched without the service. These efforts have always beget customers taking action, purchasing the services and furthermore becoming repeat customers on being satisfied each and every time they use the service.

The company gives online support, 24*7*365, to its customers in the direction of its tag line:

Foundation Brick to your Business Growth

The company gives solid foundation to their customers in online space, offers them an opportunity to create secure, stable and sturdy roots to realize any “castle in the sky” they have envisioned for their business.

EBriks InfoTech follows result-oriented strategies such that their customers can get maximum advantages. Following the concept of Innovate, Develop and Implement, the company continuously brings out different innovations to give success to its projects. These innovations are soon tapped into applications developed later into a delivery of high level quality standards. The credit for these deliverables goes to high qualified and experienced team of professionals at EBriks. The dedicated team is always there to offer the best-in-class service such that its customers never regret making their choice of working with EBriks InfoTech.

The company encompasses a wide range of clients in various industry verticals. With the lead engine DSS in Noida, the company is extending its services to US, UK, Australia, South East Asia and Middle East.

“Customers Success is our Success. Customers Growth is our Growth”

With the commitment to provide high quality services to customers at cost-effective price, EBriks InfoTech treats their customers on priority basis on all business dealing, either big or small. EBriks strives to maintain a long term relationship with their clients. In addition to it, the company helps in achieving the desired results with its in-depth knowledge and experience. The approaches and strategies followed integrate business preference and system. The quality and time are the major parameters taken into consideration and thus, clients get quality work within predefined time.

With the focus on customers satisfaction, the company strives to meet quality standard at cost-effective price in minimum time duration.

“One Stop Web Solutions”

The company offers a complete range of web solutions from Domain registration, Web Designing and Development, Measurement and Tracking to Search Engine Optimization so that customers can get all the essential services at one place. Just let your dreams come into reality with this entire web solution package.

EBriks offers SEO services to help its clients in increasing website ranking, increase website traffic, quality links, online sales and leads, etc. with updated techniques and strategic planning. Website Analysis and Competitor Analysis are other areas of expertise, which are helpful in giving a competitive edge. Social Media Optimization services include blog marketing, strategic marketing, creating online brand, virtual marketing, reputation management and social marketing audits.PPC (Pay Per Click) Services include paid search strategy, campaigns set up, campaign management, increased paid traffic, increased ROI (Return over investment), increased sales and lead, increased CPC, etc.

The list does not stop here. There are more to offer, making services at EBriks InfoTech a complete package. Measurement and Tracking services include analytics set up, goal set up and tracking, traffic source analysis, content analysis, website usability analysis, visitor behaviour analysis and increased conversion. Creative Web design includes CMS design, portal design, mobile design, icon design, website design and maintenance. Web development services offer further added advantages.

“Services Offered at EBriks InfoTech”

Search Engine Optimization is an essential tool for internet marketing. It has emerged to be one of the necessary tools for the online business in todays world, helping in establishing identity in this digital sphere. It not only helps in increasing sales but also bringing in new customers. One can easily increase page rank and can double the traffic with potential customers. One can get best marketing leads and brand visibility, which perpetually affects ROI. Thus, SEO services can help in getting great return over investment, doing wonders to the business.

SEO practices help in enhancing website position on SERPs, (Search Engine Result Pages). It optimizes major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo or Bing and serves a purpose of spreading awareness. The higher a ranking, the higher its traffic, which in turn increases the revenue or the sales and enhances ROI. It is considered to be more effective than advertising or promoting. The company uses a combination of factors to help a website achieve higher ranking. These activities including both on-page and off-page optimization, once followed with updated approach, will give firm foundation to the website. It will not only promote the website but also help it in gaining a competitive advantage.

EBriks InfoTech stays updated on techniques used in Digital marketing and uses the same to promote its customers website such that its clientele need not have to worry of this segment of their business. EBriks customers were not at all affected by the introduction of Google Panda, which is a new algorithm followed by Google in field of SEO that affected majority of sites using inappropriate means to rise in the world of Internet Marketing. It acts as a partisan that the company uses updated means to assist it customers in this arena.

“The experts at EBriks InfoTech use different methodologies to increase conversion ratio, i.e. to convert traffic to customers, which ultimately avails the business growth.”

In SMO, Social Media or Search Media Optimization, the company uses different techniques which focus on social networking sites to bring awareness for a particular brand. It helps in targeting audience and potential customers, which adds up to the business lead. This method can also be used to advertise the products, services or information about the offering made by the company. It

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