eDataSource Launches Beta Version of Overlap Tracker

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 17, 2013

eDataSource, the leading provider of independent competitive intelligence for email marketing, social media and ecommerce activity, officially announced today the release of its Overlap Tracker module in EDS Analyst. The beta version of Overlap Tracker can be accessed for free by current clients and is the latest in a series of enhancements that will be released in EDS Analyst in the next several weeks.

Overlap Tracker is a powerful analytics tool that enables marketers for the first time to uncover competitors and potential partners who might not have initially been top of mind. eDataSource is the pioneer of this unique state-of-the-art technology that will revolutionize the digital marketing industry.

Overlap Tracker allows marketers to view email sending domains that have subscribers overlapping with the requested domain, as well as download the image of the bubble graph and the associated table with more detailed statistics including projected panel reach, overlap number, overlap percentage and read rate for each overlapping domain. Monthly updates will allow for trend analysis on how overlaps are affected by seasonality and by major retail holidays.

“Overlap Tracker will transform the way our retail clients think about their marketing strategies by allowing them to truly understand, often surprisingly so, which other brands are also influencing their subscribers,” said G.B. Heidarsson, COO and SVP of Sales & Marketing at eDataSource. “Many companies may be surprised to see who they are competing with when it comes to their subscribers’ inboxes.”

Carter Nicholas, CEO of eDataSource, concurs, “This is the next step in the enhancement of our competitive intelligence and monitoring services and products that we will be offering our clients.”

Overlap Tracker can also reveal interesting differences between subscriber preferences and potential buying behaviors in many cases. List overlap analysis can also provide actionable insights into the media publications and category affinities of subscribers that can help marketers determine branding strategies, advertising placements and co-registration opportunities.

Please contact sales(at)edatasource(dot)com or call 1-800-761-6580 for further information on Overlap Tracker and EDS Analyst.

About eDataSource

Founded in 2003, eDataSource (http://www.edatasource.com) is the worldwide leader in competitive intelligence for email, social media and ecommerce activity, based on active monitoring of more than 800,000 consumer inboxes and 9,000 brands. The company provides strategic analytics products and services for online marketers, publishers and their service providers.

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