Eddie Whithams New Story Collection Offers Travel, Exploration and Emotion

TAMWORTH, Australia (PRWEB) December 20, 2012

The new short story collection Then, Now and in-Between (published by Trafford Publishing), by Eddie Whitham, offers readers nearly 40 short stories inspired by the authors life of travel and experience.

The 39 stories are my minds view, Whitham says. They encompass many human traits, frailties, dramas and intrigues. Yet by twisting the tails I leave the reader with many questions to answer.

Then, Now and in-Between offers readers the full gamut of story genres; included are tales of love and adventure, stories of romance and betrayal, and stories that reinforce basic values of people in specific areas. Settings range across the globe from a campfire along the Jordan River to the bush of the Australian Outback encompassing many of the places Whitham spent parts of his widely-traveled life.

Read the stories of an author whose approach to fiction is, according to BlueInk Reviews, simple and straightforward. In this readable collection, his generous spirit never wavers.

About the Author

Eddie Whitham was born in Wangaratta, Australia in 1943. His father, an Australian soldier, married Whithams mother, Esther, in Palestine in 1941. After his family migrated to Israel in 1967, Whitham stayed in Australia, married and settled in Tamworth, where he conducted business for more than 35 years. Since1973 Whitham and his wife, Barbara, have traveled extensively to all continents and across Australia.

Having left school at 15, Whitham is largely self-educated and describes himself as a compassionate capitalist and world watcher. Assisting migrants and refugees to settle in his community, as well as his travel, enabled Whitham to glean firsthand insights into other cultures. He has been an advocate for refugees and migrants for more than 30 years.

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