Educating for Success ~ Home Business Conference

Educating for Success ~ Home Business Conference
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Imagine spending 3 glorious days in Paradise learning how to turn your computer into an ATM.

Sound heavenly?

Destin, Florida is the closest thing to Heaven on earth and that's where we'll be April 15-17, 2011!

Wanna go?

Yes! Sign Me Up!

We're Hosting the Only Home Business Conference
Of Its Kind Where You Will Learn
How to Turn That Computer of Yours
Into an ATM…AND
You Can Take Your Teens!

That's right! My name is Rhea Perry and several years ago, I started taking my oldest boys to real estate conferences, then Internet marketing conferences.

Rhea Perry

To make a long story short, my oldest son brought his dad home from corporate America in just 3 years after he became a real estate investor. He was only 18 but learned so much from the seasoned experts he met.

But we had a hard time getting them into some of the events because they were "children."

I told myself then that if I ever had the opportunity to host an event like that, I would not only allow young people but I would encourage them to attend.

Young people don't have preconceived ideas. They don't live with the doubt most of us have learned. So when an expert tells them they can make something happen, they believe it. And many of them succeed.

God has placed me in the middle of the Internet millionaires where I have learned an amazing number of ways to create active and passive income using the Internet.

For the past 10 years, we've hosted two events a year to help families learn how to turn their computers into ATMs.

Last year, instead of two conferences we had a wedding for my second son and a funeral for my dear husband of 33 years, Wendell.

After experiencing the loss of my life partner and educational inspiration, I realized even more how important it is to train young people (and old people) to work for themselves in small business.

If my husband had not encouraged me to start a home business years ago, I seriously do not know where my family would be today. Of our 7 children, 4 are still at home.

But because of the multiple streams of income my family has built in the past few years, the children and I are doing well.

So…I Want to Help YOU Create Financial Freedom
With Your Family!

There are several ways to become financially free so I have invited a few of the experts I know, love and trust to teach you about their areas of expertise.

During this 3-day live event in Paradise, you will learn 15 ways to make money online from home and 3 ways to invest.

We'll also give you tons of ideas for how you can implement the technology of the Internet with your specific aptitudes, desires and calling.

Yes, Rhea! I Can't Miss This Special!

at Destin, Florida, United States
Destin, United States

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