Educators Turn to Motivational Speaker to Boost Morale

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) September 06, 2012

A recent article in the New York Times reported that teacher morale has been at its lowest point ever in 20 years. In response to this low morale, Motivational Speaker Scott Greenberg has recently adapted some of his motivational program material to provide teachers with an added sense of optimism. Greenberg has witnessed many of the changes within the teaching environment which prompted him to make changes to many of his programs; particularly the most popular program entitled, Survival of the Finest: Thriving during Times of Change and Adversity

Greenberg, a former substitute teacher and 19 year motivational speaking veteran, has seen firsthand the difficult times teachers are facing in todays educational environment. In the past two months, the speaker has traveled to eight states including Tennessee, Texas, California, Iowa, Florida, Minnesota, Washington, and Indiana, to bring a motivational message to teachers facing various issues that create low morale. Most of these states are experiencing similar challenges with budget cuts, increased class sizes, increased emphasis on accountability and test scores, fewer resources, and less job security. As a result, motivational speakers like Scott Greenberg, known for being a staff development speaker and motivational speaker for youth, are being called more than ever to provide a renewed sense of energy to the education industry.

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