Effective Mobile Content Strategies: Shweiki Media Printing Company Presents a Must-Watch Webinar On Properly Using Mobile Content in Ones Marketing Campaign

Austin, TX (PRWEB) April 02, 2014

Mobile has changed nearly everything about our lives in the last three to five years, from the way we interact with people to how we access information and make daily decisions.

Here Shweiki teams up with Ahava Leibtag, author of The Digital Crown: Winning at Content on the Web and president of Aha Media Group, to present a must-watch marketing webinar on how to develop mobile content strategies that work.

Mobile Content Format

When dealing with mobile content engagement, the first challenge typically occurs in the area of formatting, as one’s page can be viewed differently from different platforms.

When looking at a site on a traditional desktop, it typically looks very different than the view one would have when accessing it on their smartphone. This can often create problems for brands, and as more and more audiences are accessing a businesss site through their mobile devices, if the site isnt corrected, it will continue to cause problems down the road.

Mobile Content Context

As in most situations, context is crucial, and its important to figure out how ones mobile content strategy is working for users. In many cases, they are accessing content through mobile devices, and its important to consider format, context, and use-case scenarios when serving up content experiences, ensuring a pleasant experience for users no matter what device theyre using to access it.

Understanding Content and Distribution

While the type and quality of content is obviously important, another factor to consider is the format and distribution of said content–and how it should be altered to properly target one’s audience. For example, take the challenge of creating a public service announcement about the effects of marijuana on the human brain as a way to explain to teenagers that they should avoid use of the drug.

When it comes to effectively transmitting this message to teenagers, an important factor to consider the format of the message. A content format that would be appropriate for an educator like a white paper or a curriculum would not be appropriate for a teenager, because a teenager probably won’t download a white paper or read a curriculum. However, given their fondness for sites like YouTube, a teenager is likely to be interested in video, so that might be a good way to format the message and reach them effectively.

Once one figures out the type of format for the content, the next step is deciding the best place to distribute the content.

The content isnt the website; the content sits on the website. The content isnt the blog; it sits on the blog in the form of blog articles. And Facebook is not content; its a delivery vehicle for sharing content.

Thinking about content this way, as divorced from the form of distribution until one decides what the best form of distribution and format is, is really critical to thinking about how to deliver content within a mobile format.

Use-Case Scenarios

Developing a use-case scenario is the process of understanding one’s audience. When are users accessing one’s content? Are they looking for entertainment or information? Are they fully engaged or glancing through? In order to properly define one’s mobile strategy, one needs to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their content.

This is where the importance of research comes in. Its necessary for a business to find out as much information as possible about who their customers and targets really are so that they can truly understand the different use-case scenarios. All in all, one needs to know how theyre delivering content and whether theyre meeting the needs of the target audience to ensure high-quality content marketing.

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