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EFT with the Source Technique (Beginning to Mastery 4-Day Training and Certification)
by The Miracle Center of California

During this 4-day EFT Mastery Training Series, Robin Duncan will teach you EFT from Beginning
to Mastery, along with her highly acclaimed EFT Source TechniqueTM.  Traditional EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) application is directed towards the problem or “the effect” of the cause; such as cravings, pain, depression, weight gain, anxiety and more.  These symptoms are the effect of something deeper (usually hidden) that is not being addressed.  By identifying the actual root cause of the problem with our proprietary Source Technique and then applying the EFT tapping sequence, you address the real problem at its origin to ensure rapid and lasting results.

Example:  EFT Source Technique for Intense Burning Sensation
Our client, let’s call John, came to us with the symptom of severe burning feet among other ailments.  This had gone on for 5 years. It was his belief that the cause of the burning sensation was due to an accident he had 5 years earlier (where he had chased a burglar over a fence and then slipped and fractured his spine).  The doctors told him the burning sensation was likely due to the fracture in
his spine, but shared that they did not know for sure.  John rated the intense pain as a 200 (on a 10 point scale) and his only choice was to take more pain medication.  By using our proprietary Source TechniqueTM, we discovered that John had injured himself as a child by falling off a fence into a pile of burning coals.  The burning sensation had been triggered (not caused) by the injury from the burglary incident 5 years earlier.   In addition, John had concerns about loss of income and future challenges, all contributing to his pain.  After applying EFT with the Source Technique for 2 minutes, John’s pain from the burning sensation dropped from 200 to 4.  You can imagine the surprise on John’s face when the real root cause had been identified (in minutes) and the pain was ultimately neutralized with our techniquesTM.

Who Should Attend:
The EFT Source TechniqueTM Mastery Training is for those who love quality in-depth training, short-cuts, happy clients and lasting results!  We teach you how to get to the root cause of the problem, quickly and easily, and then release its influence for good.

This Course is for Practitioners, Therapists and Registered Nurses who would like to accelerate their EFT skills and also for the casual EFT user who wants real results that last.  Even if you have already
been certified by another EFT Training Facility, your training is not complete until you have learned the Source TechniqueTM with this training program.

Why Attend:

During the EFT Source TechnqiueTM Training Series, you will receive:

  •  Certification in EFT from The Miracle Center of California (Beginning through Mastery Level Training)
  • Exclusive training in our proprietary Source TechniqueTM which you will find to be the most important contributor to your EFT success
  • In-depth training binder with step-by-step instructions, examples, interview forms, methodologies, short-cuts, proven techniques, guidelines and EFT cards with written statements and affirmations (by topic) to use for your sessions or on the go
  • Live demos conducted by your instructor
  • Sourcing “practice rounds” to build your skill in rapidly finding the root cause of a problem
  • Personal healing and transformation during class as a result of repeated practice with the techniques and other students
  • Supervised live practice sessions with other participants
  • Supervised live practice sessions with guests we have invited to our classroom
  • Graduation Requirement – Practice sessions are required for all students.  Online or live streaming students must meet practice requirements prior to graduation and issuance of certification.       
  • CEUs-Continuing Education for qualifying organizations·        
  • Customized training is available for Registered Nurses·       
  • A Free 1 Yr Deluxe Ad in the IAMDirectory.com, listing you as an EFT Master Practitioner  
  • 1 Yr 10% Discount for one of our other training courses
  • ·Discounts for returning EFT-Source Master Practitioners·        
  • Returning Student Discount – You may attend our future EFT Source TechniqueTM classes for a 10% fee as a refresher and for continuing education, based on seating availability (offer subject to change).  Updated course materials are available at an extra charge.

EFT Source TechniqueTM In-Person Courses for 2012
Option 1:  October 18-21, 2012 
Option 2:  February 7-10, 2013

Class Times:  9:30 am to 5:30 pm PST each day
Location:  Online or in Anaheim Hills, CA  92807
Directions and details will be emailed upon registration

Internet Marketing Training Webinars we offer:

How to Make a Video on YouTube – 7USD
How to Promote Videos & Create a YouTube Channel – 7
How to Create a Video Email – 7USD
How to Create & Conduct Teleclasses – 7USD
How to Create & Distribute Auto-Responder Emails – 7

PACKAGE for all 5 Internet Marketing Webinars
7 (if paid by Sept. 5, 2012)
7 (if paid by Sept. 19, 201)

Training and Certification Classes (most with CEUs):

Professional Hypnotherapy
Advanced Hypnosis and Regression
EFT with the Source Technique
Life Coaching on 5 Topics
Reiki (Beginning through Mastery)
Guided Imagery and Self-Hypnosis
Sound Therapy and Voice Analysis
Holistic Training for Registered Nurses

Corporate Workshops on:

Stress Relief
Team Building
Enlightened Leadership

Free Resources for You from Robin Duncan:

FREE Download of our Miracles in Prayer ebook at www.FreePrayerBook.com
FREE Download of our 365 Audio Lessons with Commentaries on A Course in Miracles at:

Affiliate Program – Income Opportunity for YOU!
Once you complete a class from The Miracle Center of California, you automatically qualify for our Affiliate Program.  

This means that we GIVE YOU:

  • 0 for every new student you refer who registers
    and pays for one of our programs over 0
  • for every new student you refer who registers
    and pays for a program of 0 or less
  • OR, you can get 1.5 times credit for the above amounts
    towards your own tuition for any class (in lieu of payment)

Proudly presented by
The Miracle Center of California
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