EGO Thoughts: What is Top Rank Going To Do? TR Roster looks very DISMAL for FUTURE fights

EGO Thoughts: What is Top Rank Going To Do? TR Roster looks very DISMAL for FUTURE fights

My thoughts.
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21 Responses to EGO Thoughts: What is Top Rank Going To Do? TR Roster looks very DISMAL for FUTURE fights

  1. Obed Giusti says:

    MAN golden boy n top rank should stop the bull shit n let the fans choose!

  2. sean J says:

    Bob arum made all this money for oscar than oscar opens golden boy and takes over the boxing game . Arum wish now he had done things different with oscar when’s

  3. sean J says:

    Top rank will be finished soon. Either when PAC retires or bob arum dies . Whatever comes first

  4. Everlot Stark says:


  5. shawn newton says:

    Bradley will beat marquez!

  6. juggernaut44 says:

    maybe slpit the card.

  7. juggernaut44 says:

    your forgetting about chris john. nonito donaire has said he wants to face chris john. who do u think will win?

  8. luis vargas says:

    I think good move, mexican independence day with two Mexicans facing eachother. Marquez vs Rios, and undercard with Bradley v Pacquiao 2

  9. csfightodds says:

    I disagree. I think they have excellent young fighters and prospects. Such as Magdaleno brothers, Mikey Garcia plus their top star fighters like Donaire, Bradley, Rios. You also have to take into account that Top Rank is also willing to work with Lou DiBella, Zanfer, and K2 promotions to set up fights so it’s not just Top Rank fighters fighting each other They are willing to work with other promoters. Just not the GB fighters.

  10. EGOSWORLD1 says:

    That’d be a good one

  11. EGOSWORLD1 says:

    Great Reply!

  12. EGOSWORLD1 says:

    Thanks! I’m only being honest

  13. EGOSWORLD1 says:

    Hell Yeah Beyond Rios Alvarado 2 and Nonito Rigo it’s lookin shaky for TR!

  14. EGOSWORLD1 says:

    He weathered the storm…

  15. ItsBrand21Highlights says:

    that Bradley-Ruslan fight damn lol

  16. kelvinw18 says:

    Bradley looks like he is about to get stopped

  17. thecooltunesnetwork says:

    Truth Ego! TR is looking dismal like a mf!!

  18. marlonious76 says:

    Your one of the first people to speak on the decline of TR. Great post!!!

  19. marlonious76 says:

    Imagen 2 of your employees firing you, then go off and take over your industry. Oscar and Floyd need to make a movie about the take over. Arum not co promoting is killing his business. How many rematches are you going to make. TR is done. Karma is a bitch!

  20. ItsBrand21Highlights says:

    The best PPV for TopRank would be Pacquiao vs Rios & Marquez vs Bradley on the same card.

  21. ItsBrand21Highlights says:

    Top Rank has very hard fights to make. I can see why theres so many rematches. Most of them are either too fresh, or thinking about retiring

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