Egypt: Millions of dog mummies in catacombs

Egypt: Millions of dog mummies in catacombs
That is the number of dead animals, most of them dogs, estimated to have laid in the catacombs of Anubis around Saqqara, one of Egypt's most historic and oft-visited sites, according to a group of British researchers. While such mass burials aren't …
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Major internet providers slowing traffic speeds for thousands across US
The study, supported by the technologists at Open Technology Institute's M-Lab, examines the comparative speeds of Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), which shoulder some of the data load for popular websites. Any site that becomes popular enough has …
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Anti-austerity movement revives radical urban squatting
On Saturday they visited a new squatted social centre in London 'the Elephant and Castle Social Centre', which opened its doors for the first time this weekend. Like them, they were offering a … It's illegalisation has come at a later time than in …
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