23 Replies to “Eheim Classic 2213 Review/Cleaning PART 3”

  1. THANKS FOR THE VID! I was just givin one for free not knowing anything about it, now i know a little more… now to just get the missing parts…. Muahahahahahaa!

  2. Hi, I really liked your videos about this canister! I’ve bought one about 3 days ago and installed it without washing the media (little balls and cillinders). Do you think its bad? I really have to wash the medias before install the canister? My canister is working these 3 days and the water stills not cleaned. Sorry for my english, I’m from Brazil. Thanks!

  3. I’m not OCD, but I couldn’t just shove a wad of batting into my filter and not at least try to make it circular. I haven’t set mine up yet, and your video gave me a good idea before I start: Get the extra filter roll now. Use the original filter as a template and cut out one to use as a template for future cuts. That huge bit of filter corner in your last video drove me a bit crazy… well, maybe I’m OCD just a little. 😉

  4. i will never go back to a canister filter again, becasue mine quite working and i did not know it. And the next day all my fish were dead, so i use 2 aqueon hang on the back filters and my water is more clear than it has ever been.

  5. realy nice video, helped me a lot, going to buy that filter next week, Congratulations for your aqua, looks realy nice, and for your work, realy helpful, atleast for me, Thanks! regards from Portugal !

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