Eisenberg: Evidence NFL Is Utterly Obsessed With Offense

Eisenberg: Evidence NFL Is Utterly Obsessed With Offense
But that's not the case on the other side of the ball. Neither Carolina nor Denver made the top 10 in total offense. Overall, the teams ranked first, second, third, fifth, sixth, seventh and ninth in total defense qualified for the postseason. But …
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Hit the snooze: Ranking says commuting to work fast in Hub City
It's not the first time a national organization has given the Hub City high marks for traffic and transportation, with a 2015 study ranking Lubbock as the top city in the United States to be a driver and another insurance study praising Lubbock for …
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DraftKings daily picks: Fantasy basketball lineup-January 23
Each position has two slides assigned to it–one for high-salary options and one for high-value options. Each slide contains at least two … This month, I also have started to rank my picks using stars after each selection. For a full explanation of …
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