eleNet the VPN Game Changer, a Low-Cost MPLS VPN Alternative

(PRWEB) May 11, 2013

ElephantVPN has launched a new product feature called eleNet. eleNet is groundbreaking in allowing the easy creation, configuration and management of low-cost secure networks on the fly.

MPLS VPN technology is expensive and out of reach for businesses smaller than the largest corporates. The technology is also static and changes to an MPLS network usually takes more than a few weeks. In order to create a cheaper distributed network a SME would require dedicated IT staff and equipment to realize their goals. eleNet significantly reduces the cost and complexity to create and manage a cheap MPLS VPN alternative.

The easy to use web portal allows a secure network to be created and users/sites to be added all within a few clicks. The extensive feature set also allows for firewall configuration within the network to disallow specified traffic types and/or hosts.

Create an ad-hoc, highly configurable on the fly VPN cloud network and instantly:

Connect your business branches together.
Enable access to your home network from your office laptop.
Create a LAN game network over the internet.
P2P file share.
Host your own website for your private network.
Collaborate with work colleagues distributed across the globe.
Enable a company rep to have access to office resources while on the road.

ElephantVPN is an internet & network services company specialising in network security for consumer and business customers. They have servers across the globe including the US, UK and Singapore.

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