Ellen Checks Her Audience’s Facebook!

Ellen Checks Her Audience's Facebook!

Before the show, Ellen decided to check out the Facebook pages of her audience. What she found was so funny, she had to share it on the show — with the culprits sitting right in front of her! Take a look.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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14 Responses to Ellen Checks Her Audience’s Facebook!

  1. mcdreamy69full says:

    i promised my self only one ellen video….god dammit.

  2. warriorsrock123 says:

    man i never watched ellen cuz i thought it was one of those shows for like emotional woman and teens but this is hilarious XD I feel like i should say that i am a girl so no like sexist jokes okay 😛

  3. kk141281 says:

    Everything leads To Ellen show

  4. jackjr1000 says:

    6 days and still watching ellen

  5. Sahit Felix says:

    I didn’t even like ellen. I was so lost.

  6. 宝くじ当選しました 欲しい方譲ります says:


  7. Benjamin Srodon says:

    i wouldn’t say a whole new level. probably the same level

  8. Ammar Setyawan says:

    “ok,, this should be the last,, i really should go to bed” that was what i am saying 3 hours ago, ellen ellen ellen

  9. RAWRING Ryder says:

    “You posted em”

  10. beachgrl771 says:

    hahaha on another episode of ellen, my friends embarrassing facebook picture was shown and she got an iPad for it!

  11. nothlithawk23 says:

    I don’t think so. Those people posted those photos on their FB pages. All that Ellen did was to share it. If they do not want other to see those, why would they post it there?

  12. nicoleisdabest319 says:

    ellen is so funny!! i cant stop laughing 

  13. Marshall Hansen says:

    sorry for ruening your social life, have an ipad! XD

  14. musiklivesinmyheart says:

    Life Lessons With Ellen DeGeneres Episode 1: You never know where the pictures you put on the internet will end up… National television, perhaps?

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