Ellen Galinsky: Marissa Mayer and Yahoo’s Management Issue

Ellen Galinsky: Marissa Mayer and Yahoo's Management Issue

If Yahoo employees are not being as productive as they should be, that is a management issue, not a problem inherent with felxible work schedules. Transcript…

16 thoughts on “Ellen Galinsky: Marissa Mayer and Yahoo’s Management Issue

  1. On the one hand, yes she did state the obvious. On the other hand, it sounds Ms. Mayer needs to hear it because she did exactly what can be expected by and inexperienced manager – it is called a knee-jerk reaction. Ellen, is only explaining good management practice. Imagine that, lets find out what the problem really is then design a solution.

  2. Great video! thanks. Telecommuting fails when management fails to handle it properly. And Yahoo! has plenty of bad management. So cancelling telecommuting is going to solve nothing unless they improve the caliber of their managers.

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  5. On the pro side of telecommuting. I do go to an office every day, but if I lose internet connection at the office, I am almost dysfunctional. On the con side of telecommuting. I play on my computer at home, and I work on my computer at work. It’s important to separate the two. However, if your work IS your play, you should be able to do it from about anywhere.

  6. where as i agree with you about not careing about yahoo i think the point was missed yahoo was the example used because its a company she is familiar with just like if i gave a big think presentation i would for my examples off things directly related to me since i would know about them the issues and how to fix them

  7. Yahoo had the chance to purchase Google for 2 million in early 90s but turned down the offer now Google if half a trillion so yahoo needs ta suck googles search engine and kill this dumb bitch

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