Ellen’s Hilarious Groupon Sketch

If anyone knows how to have fun, it’s Ellen and her staff — and in this hysterical clip, Groupon’s daily deals come to life in the funniest way ever!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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17 Responses to Ellen’s Hilarious Groupon Sketch

  1. Stan Jones says:

    yes … yes you will .

  2. GimmeThatBeckie says:

    I don’t know why but the girl at the beginning in the blue dress looked so annoyed after she clapped like twice. xD

  3. Toto F says:

    Funniest show ever

  4. sevenasing KC says:

    I have to study for my exam, but i am still on Ellen. Will i get an A on my exam if i am still watching Ellen….

  5. Treacy Myre says:

    I am stuck on the ellen side of youtube and I can’t get out. I like it.

  6. tiffanyvitale88 says:

    I wish ellen was strait. I would want her to get merried to tony!  (then I would merry Porsche de Rossi)

  7. tiffanyvitale88 says:

    Do surprisingly look cute as s*** in that old fashion outfit and wig gosh that’s so stinkin cute!!!!!!

  8. Chirokea says:

    poor tony he’s always being tortured :)

  9. OreoBunny123 says:

    Did you know poupon is a type of mustard?

  10. 2ermelinda2 says:

    hahahhaahahahahaha omg if one day ull hear the news on tv that i ve die ,,,remember i die from laughing on ellen

  11. Kman T says:

    is tony meant to be ellen’s slave from africa?

  12. PianoAngel420 says:

    @princesspie123321 ….Says “princesspie123321″

  13. PianoAngel420 says:

    @energybeam4u no, he’s just black and it looks that way all the time.

  14. Hollins23 says:

    It’s a parody from the movie “Ghost” with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore.

  15. Kurisutiin Koorutezu says:

    This makes me feel like a terrible ellen fan… so why did they chose that song?

  16. Kurisutiin Koorutezu says:

    Now that’s one way to react.. to real– to rela– to relax


    Ellen show without tony is like a tea without sugar, you can drink it but without enjoyment.. Love Ellen show so much…

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