Ellen’s Siri Commercial

This holiday season, Ellen made a new commercial for the iPhone 4s. It looks like Apple’s new personal assistant, Siri, is even more intuitive than you might…

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16 Responses to Ellen’s Siri Commercial

  1. reji aniate says:

    LOL! Ellen did the Gangnam style before. Hahaha! That’s so cool.

  2. Kaylee Peterson says:

    Dance dance dance dance

  3. Katlego Moukangwe says:

    Ellen, I wan’t to sleep and I even haven’t started on my homework yet!

  4. Sazzles LP says:

    Siri has the voice of Portia in this video, right? 😀

  5. Music1021Lover says:

    “the comment no longer exist” awe, i really wanted to know that comment!

  6. Victoria de jesus says:


  7. Victoria de jesus says:

    208 people now

  8. Arabzlife says:

    Yeah yeah I see it.

  9. cheecko08 says:

    Am I the only one who noticed the Muslim prayer beads on her wrist? 0.0 I love how diverse she is:)

  10. Jeweliana Creel says:

    207 people don’t know comedy

  11. Gemma Cayanan says:

    so funny… dance dance dance dance!

  12. Faisal Almahdi says:

    Other than Siri with its obvious problems, still no one came up with a better idea to make phone calls while driving , Go ahead and try “Draw Dial App” to make all your iPhone calls … It is a true life saver

  13. mayaz12346 says:

    lol hi izyy its me Maya I know ur watching these

  14. SelenaGMusicPlusAG says:

    What did it say?

  15. mhel cartalla says:


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