eMarketing Concepts: Top SEOs #1 Pick for Pinterest Advertising

Los Angeles CA (PRWEB) February 19, 2015

As Pinterest enters its fifth year of existence and announces new plans to unpack more of its users data than ever in order to help advertisers target their users more efficiently, the social media platform continues to grow in popularity and as of use to businesses.

Pinterest is a web and mobile application that functions as an online pinboard and allows you to create, share, store and find visual bookmarks of cool, fun or interesting stuff on the web. eMarketing Concepts is an online marketing firm leading the way in online marketing, search engine optimization and social media optimization. As of February 2015, EMC is the number one Pinterest Advertising Company.

eMarketing Concepts aims to help businesses create user friendly websites and social media profiles that are engaging and ultimately translate to more traffic and better business.

The firms most senior Pinterest Project Manager is happy with EMCs Pinterest results and believes the company can remain number one, because they are always learning about new technology and ensuring their strategies are as up to date as possible.

Because it’s a simple platform, it’s always changing, a company representative said. Therefore, our strategy is always changing, which is something we take pride in. Our department never sticks to one strategy and calls it ‘done’. We move and change as a platform changes, and we learn and test new strategies every day in order to ensure that every client is optimized to the fullest. I’m proud to say that this department is #1 on Top SEO’s List for the nation, and I’m glad that our hard work is being recognized.

eMarketing Concepts often works with clients who starting with nothing, meaning no online social media presence at all. Through strategies of conquesting and adding backlinks, while pinning content daily that interests viewers, they are able to see amazing results. Even clients that previously had no social media profiles can end up with thousands or more new views.

On average, eMarketing Concepts sees Pinterest clients monthly viewers and engagement numbers jump up 30-40%. More Pinterest views and engagement translates to more website views. Some EMC Pinterest clients event start trending on Pinterest, and begin to experience thousands to millions of average daily and monthly impressions and engagements. Trending clients can see thousands of new people visit their website every day, and finally realize the full potential of Pinterest.

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