Emerging Enterprise Radio Talks with Jim Duffie of The Ritz Group

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) September 24, 2012

On September 19, 2012, Business RadioX welcomed its newest show to the microphone, Emerging Enterprise Radio. Co-hosts Lee Kantor and Stone Payton focused this inaugural show on Jim Duffie who serves on the Board of The Ritz Group in Atlanta.

Jim Duffie is a 40 year veteran of the real estate and mortgage industry. He has been involved in the investment capital funding community for the last 15 years, helping start-up enterprises acquire funds, investing is some, and advising others. As a Governing Board Member of The Ritz Group, Duffie is directly involved in this activity, and as State Director of Georgians for Fair Taxation, Inc., he is actively working to improve the business climate for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

The purpose of The Ritz Group is to facilitate introductions of business executives, influencers and owners needing capital to members of capital formation companies in the Southeast. The invitees include angel investors, private equity firms, investment banking and merchant banking firms with individuals focused on acquisitions, startups and refinancing.

As Duffie further explained, all participants are on an invitation-only basis, but individuals and companies requiring capital are continually invited until funded. According to Duffie, “We encourage and partner with a number of investor resources to identify new entrepreneurs and new investors.”

The Board of The Ritz Group is very pleased that on average about 5 to 8 participants receive funding each year as a result of their attendance at Ritz Group meetings. Funding successes in 2010 included angel funding as low as $ 250,000 and as high as $ 22 million in funding for an early stage medical company. In previous years, they have seen funding as a result of Ritz Group attendance, from $ 1 million to $ 11 million. In 2007, they were notified by 6 attendees that they were successful in raising money from $ 865,000 in angel money to $ 14 million for an early stage software company’s second round. In 2005, one participant obtained a $ 1.2 billion commitment from a Chicago private equity group as a result of his attendance and networking at a Ritz Group meeting.

To hear more about Jim Duffie and The Ritz Group, please visit Emerging Enterprise Radio.

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