emfluence Integrates Litmus Email Testing Tools for Better Emails

(PRWEB) April 29, 2015

Email and digital marketing platform, emfluence, announced in early April their newest integration partner: Litmus. The integration makes Litmus email rendering and spam filter tests available to all emfluence Marketing Platform clients, allowing them to preview what their email will look like in over 40 inboxes and see if it will pass common spam filters before they send.

Inboxes can render your email however they see fit. If your gorgeous email design isnt going to look right in Outlook or Gmail, youll be able to see that before you send and decide if you want to try and correct it, says emfluence Support Manager, Sara Theurer. Or if youre not passing Outlooks spam filter, you may want to rework your content so youre more likely to make it to the inbox.

Clients using the emfluence Marketing Platform for creating their email marketing campaigns have had access to this Pre-Flight tool set since 2009, but the integration of Litmus will double the number of spam filter and email rendering results available. Even as emfluence expands the tool set, they will not charge their users for the service.

Its so important to us that our email marketers use these tools to improve their campaigns, we subsidize the cost of the tests rather than pass them on to our clients, says emfluence Digital Marketing Evangelist, Jessica Best. This is just one of a suite of tools in the emfluence Platform, aimed at making email marketing a little easier to do well.

The integration includes 13 spam filter results, including Barracuda, AOL, Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook and more. It also includes 41 different desktop, web-based and mobile email renderings, allowing users to see what their email will look like in each inbox. The previews also display images on vs. images off views in some inboxes, as well as a version of the email as it appears to someone who is color blind.

And all of this happens in the span of a few minutes, says Best. Some rendering tools can take hours, but with Litmus, we found that many renderings take just seconds, some a couple of minutes. Spam filters usually take less than 10 minutes to wrap up.

The emfluence team will showcase this integration and other new feature announcements at their annual user conference, May 7th in Kansas City.

To learn more about the emfluence Marketing Platform, visit http://www.emarketingplatform.com

To learn more about Litmus, visit http://www.litmus.com

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