Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson – Still Gettin Whoopins

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19 Responses to Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson – Still Gettin Whoopins

  1. anandapitts says:

    Scrubba dubba dub lol

  2. Blackopsexepert says:


  3. laila moore says:

    Lol love yo vids

  4. shavonne salazar says:

    you know you got whoopins as a kid when every smack made you jump and wince lol

  5. KL Taylor says:

    lol i am laughph so hard i am cryinh lol

  6. neekneek22love says:

    lol too funny like always

  7. justinayala75 says:

    Slient cry lmaoooooooo

  8. Malachi Banks says:

    OMG lmao

  9. lilbobby72 says:

    Got me runnin out the house yellin STILL GETTIN WHOOPPINS!

  10. Tyrrina Cotton says:


  11. aleshahammonds79 says:

    I’m a grown ass man

  12. E'ssence Lewis says:

    lmao i cant deal

  13. Armon Coleman says:

    at 5:42 LMFAO!

  14. Leon Northern says:

    this funny 

  15. davidhelms1677 says:

    funnnnnny lol xD

  16. sprinkle888 says:

    You guys need to stop.LOL “The Silent Cry…LOL..I remember those days.

  17. Antonia High says:

    I’m DONEEE. Lmfaooooo. ; ~ ; Lawddd.

  18. Broly505andHotHolly says:

    Awesome and thats True But I’m Not A Grown Man Though

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