Emmanuel Hudson – QUESTIONS [OFFICIAL VIDEO] @ep_Hudson Lyrics in Descriptionn

Emmanuel Hudson aka Kosher explains the argument better then Spoken Reasons. Helping the audience understand this argument he puts into a song. For Booking Contact Management 404-804-5579 – Bobby | archivebooking@gmail.com | Subscribe to our Channel: ow.ly Subscribe to our Website: ow.ly Archive Ent’s Twitter ow.ly Emmanuel & Phillip’s Twitter ow.ly Emmanuel Hudson’s Twitter ow.ly Phillip Hudson’s Twitter ow.ly Reverbnation ow.ly Facebook ow.ly Google + ow.ly Tumblr ow.ly Fan mail – HudsonFanMail@gmail.com Listen bruh, I understand what you saying. But I’m a help them understand what you saying. Basically this how the girl be: [Chorus:] Where? Who? You been Where!? With Who!? Mmmm. For real? Oh really? That’s how you feel? And the guys be like: [x2:] Askin’ all them questions. Askin’ all them questions. Why you askin’ all them questions making statements, assumin’? Mhh. Where you been? How much, how mu-How much did you spend!? Yeah I trust you. Now unlock your phone. Uh uh UH UH who is this… hoe? See why you playing with me, that’s the same reason you ain’t staying with me. You tryna get up in these drawers you ain’t laying with me I ain’t even tryna HEAR what you saying to me. Just grab your stuff, hit the door. Go chill with them other girls. That is why her weave stank Talking bout some beach curls, Please, She ratchet! That’s why I’m pregnant and you the pappy! Ah ha, Looking stupid that’s whatcha get. Walking round here lyin’, thinkin’ that you slick. But you dumb
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