Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson – Church Folks [Lyrics In The Description]

Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson - Church Folks [Lyrics In The Description]

This video is dedicated to all the church folks out there. The one’s that judge people when they are the main one’s doing wrong themselves. IN THE CHURCH!!! Jesus spoke on this when they were about to stone the women. JOHN 8:7 – So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” – kingjbible.com For Booking Contact Management 404-804-5579 – Bobby | archivebooking@gmail.com | Subscribe to our Channel: ow.ly Subscribe to our Website: ephudson.com Archive Ent’s Twitter http Emmanuel & Phillip’s Twitter ow.ly Emmanuel Hudson’s Twitter ow.ly Phillip Hudson’s Twitter ow.ly Reverbnation ow.ly Facebook ow.ly Google + ow.ly Tumblr ow.ly Lyrics (Chorus) Yes Lord! Hallelujah!! Feel the Holy Spirit let em move ya Yes Lord! Glory! Child Of God. Tell his story. Hey Shadabosoko! (Speaking In Tounges) Mmmmmmmm…. You betta preach it pastor. Mmmmmmmm…. Gone teach it pastor. Now lets join hands. Let the church say, Amen. Verse 1 – Emmanuel Hudson All up in church gettin ready for the rapture but do you see the girl sittin right in front of pastor, tithes a make her dance, tithes a make her dance, all these members bowing heads all while joining hands, some of yall lyin yeen catch the holy spirit, u just drunk from last night from holy water and spirit, now you walkin in the church all late, in the club till 3 knowin service start at 8….. Aw lord here she go with another song, still tryina

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25 Responses to Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson – Church Folks [Lyrics In The Description]

  1. tyty moore says:

    todds will make her dance ?

  2. Zikiea Blake says:

    i replay this song to many times .

  3. MrMjbreezy says:

    They mad stupid but odee funny

  4. nyasiawilliams60 says:

    He no he didnt have to do his lips like that

  5. Monet F. says:

    1,659 people be them church folks !

  6. swagginghard2 says:

    wait u guys r jehovah witness

  7. kirsten rose says:

    it was published on my birthday 😀

  8. Bojan Todevski says:

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  9. Dijon Booker says:

    i love this

  10. mzlady336 says:

    My new fave

  11. 1595alexandra says:

    Diz so true!

  12. BeautyAndTalent13 says:

    I still know the words to never could have made it LOL LMFAOO

  13. ravenshanks45679 says:

    But they telling the truth it may not be right but they telling the truth

  14. makhiya meyers says:

    yall wrong fa playin with the lord 

  15. Cece s says:

    lol 3:32 BIG BOOTY GAL!! hahaha

  16. Harold Booker Jr says:

    this funny mane

  17. polystylezdotcom says:

    yall are bugging!!! LOL

  18. Joizzyful says:

    my song

  19. Dominique Greenidge says:


  20. marika143100 says:

    This My Song !

  21. Deja Bass says:

    I love this

  22. freddayshah1203 says:


  23. Nidiawebsyer says:

    Made on my birthday! !

  24. Patricia Gibbs says:

    it was okay

  25. Shay ShaY says:

    Lol go look at AJProductions 313 Intro theyre upcoming comedians hilarious

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