Emotional Lance Armstrong told family 'don't defend me anymore'

Emotional Lance Armstrong told family 'don't defend me anymore'
Painted as a relentless, ruthless athletic machine, the moment of raw emotion offered a rare glimpse of Armstrong's human side. Having described himself as a man who is always in control, Armstrong struggled to contain his emotions again when Winfrey …
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5 Potential NBA Trade Scenarios to Shake Up the League
All of our proposed deals work under the salary cap rules and have been vetted by ESPN's omnipotent Trade Machine, so keep in mind that every exchange we're proposing could actually happen. As for the overall plausibility of these deals, there's …
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The Need for Emotional Experience Does Not Prevent Conscious Artificial
Gerhard Adam. I'm presuming that when you say replicate, you don't mean simply a simulation, but rather an AI that actually "experiences" these emotions, etc. in exactly the same context as a biological system would. The primary problem I see is one of …
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