Empowering the Language Learner | The New School

The New School for Public Engagement is a division of The New School, a university in New York City offering distinguished degree, certificate, and continuin…
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14 Responses to Empowering the Language Learner | The New School

  1. vocabularyhelp says:

    This should have been a shorter video, but overall very informative. English isn’t difficult. It’s the teacher who can sometimes make it difficult.

  2. George Modilevsky says:

    No student has learned English or any other languages by going through episodes and by getting on board of the language by doing what we are watching right now. All students have to go through logical steps and they should be able to speak a new language in One Month. No more. By explaining grammar words to students, all of them get impeded forever. One has to produce a normal conversation and let them on their own ASAP.This way of “learning” is already obsolete ! GeorgeModilevsky in Facebook.

  3. recklessragdoll says:

    I am so inspired by this woman and her passion for language and education!

  4. silvieo tony says:

    yes thank you for that also

  5. silvieo tony says:

    thank you every one at the the new school i should always help me to be aim profu my english any awy thank you so much

  6. sam dee says:

    I wonder where did she learn”de la pan”?it is wrong and it should be lapan only

  7. sam dee says:

    Well actually satu dua tiga and five Malay and not Indonesians…..why eight is called delapan?

  8. blanco vida says:

    thanks for giving education free on internet

  9. Joao Quintela says:

    muito bom video.

  10. Joao Quintela says:


  11. tiger man says:

    why do they waste a lot of time, get straight to the point

  12. BillA1016 says:

    I absolutely love watching Dr. Larsen-Freeman speak! I had the privilege of being in her Second Language Acquisition class and it changed my view on my role as a language teacher. She has motivated me more than anyone else to learn from my students and be the best teacher and researcher possible.

  13. tyw2104 says:

    It is, however, equally important that there are some linguistic aspects that are more/less susceptible to change. And we always need to differentiate between “competence” and “performance”.

  14. amram rede says:

    I should be get experience by this video. Thank you very much, especially, who upload this.

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