EMTEK, LLC Announces Product Launch of P100 Microbial Air Sampler via LAD Solutions

Longmont, CO (PRWEB) June 03, 2013

EMTEK, LLC has announced the launch of the new P100 Microbial Air Sampler which will go into production and be avaiable this June. EMTEK has opted to announce the launch of this product via LAD Solutions in order to increase awareness about the new product so that more customers can place sales for this new item.

The P100 Microbial Air Sampler is the latest item from EMTEK. The company recently unveiled this product on April 23, 2013 at the Interphex Show in New York, New York. The new product boasts a number of key features and benefits and EMTEK has stated that this item is “destined to become the industry standard for microbial air sampling.”

The main features of the P100 Microbial Air Sampler include the ability to for two different CPU controlled sampling rates which are 100 LPM and 28.3 LPM (1 CFM). The unit also allows for two different options of taking “grab samples” in cubic meters or to continuously monitor critical processes.

The unit can also be connected via LAN to a network using PC based software or used directly via its screen interface which features an LCD touch screen. A remote also accompanies the unit which allows additional control over process.

Sampling plans can also be stored on the CPU inside the device as well as sample site descriptions, user ID entry options. The details of up to 500 sample runs can be stored at a time. and there is the option for CFR Part 11 data control that is regulatory compliant. All of these actions can also be controlled via a system administrator.

If data needs to be printed from the machine, the data can be created externally using a label printer, exported to a USB drive or imported into the PC based software that accompanies the machine. The battery life also can last between 6-12 hours depending on the details of the sampling program.

Portability is a key reason why the P100 Microbial Air Sampler is designed to become an industry standard due to its lightweight. It is also covered with an anti-microbial agent to prevent the spread of contamination while using the device. The P100 Microbial Air Sampler also has a number of add-ons that can be purchased including a compressed air adapter and a carrying case.

To learn more about this device and to place orders for it when it is put into production in June of 2013, EMTEK has requested that customers get in touch with them via their website or call them directly. The company is currently taking orders for the product.

About EMTEK, LLC: EMTEK, LLC is a supplier of equipment for air monitoring. The company provides air sampling equipment for detecting bacteria and mold in room environments and other important locations such as hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, food suppliers and biotechnology firms. The company has been providing these products since January 2009 and a complete list of the products that they offer can be found on their website, at emtekair.com.

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